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In January 2016 we initiated a partnership with the British charity The Helen Hodgkins Trust, and projects have been initiated in the Water and Sanitation areas.

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March 2016

A team of health professionals worked for two weeks performing surgeries and at various communities from the Kwahu Districts.

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Building of a toilet block

August 2015

A new toilet block for a large school in the community of Aduamoah was completed. 

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Water filters distribution

July/ August 2014; 20 community water filters were donated in several local communities, reaching a population of 4,000.


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Book published by Matt Nicholls to raise funds for Anidaso's next health mission trip to Ghana in 2015


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Easter 2013- SVG in partnership with the Ghana Aids Commission for a prevention and awareness Easter campaign 


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Health Missions

Read about our health missions in local hospitals and communities


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Drilling boreholes

For a community of fulani...


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Volunteers and Community



Solving water access problems in the short and medium term




Eastern Region, Ghana -September 2013SVG works daily with people from communities affected by lack of access to adequate sources of water; these people are amongst the 1.1 billion worldwide who do not have access to safe drinking water.


Many of those affected live in rural areas, and are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable to be found anywhere in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, 300 million of these are in Sub-Saharan Africa, and approximately 80% of these live in rural areas.




SVG and Anidaso Health testing   local communities for schistosomiasis; it is the second most prevalent tropical disease in the world; malaria is the first




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Without safe water near to dwellings, the health and livelihoods of families can be severely affected; children's education suffers as the daily tasks -fetching water amongst other things- take precedence over other concerns. Unhealthy water is also a source of disease -schistosomiasis, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, guinea worm-. It can be a source of conflict amongst affected communities, and it can reflect deeper -at both the community and global level- environmental challenges.



In order to meet dispersed rural demand, water can be sourced

in various ways: digged from water wells and boreholes, 

collected from seasonal rainfall - rainwater harvesting-,

surface water -rivers, lakes etc.- and others.





A wide range of cost-effective, manageable, and innovative solutions have been created in producing clean, disease-free water. These solutions must be technologically sensitive to each individual community’s needs. For the technology to be effective, it must conform to environmental, ethical, cultural, social, and economic aspects of the communities.

SVG partnered with The Safe Water Trust to tackle these short and medium term challenges; these are the water filter systems shown here in use:


Pic 1: Family Filter

Pic 2: Community Filter 







SVG has so far distributed approximately 30 community water filters, each serving a group of 200, and 200 family filters.


FOr the year 2013/2014, SVG aims at continuing the distribution of water filters, and increasing the number distributed per year to communities in the Eastern Region, expanding the reach to other regions in the area.







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