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In January 2016 we initiated a partnership with the British charity The Helen Hodgkins Trust, and projects have been initiated in the Water and Sanitation areas.

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March 2016

A team of health professionals worked for two weeks performing surgeries and at various communities from the Kwahu Districts.

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Building of a toilet block

August 2015

A new toilet block for a large school in the community of Aduamoah was completed. 

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Water filters distribution

July/ August 2014; 20 community water filters were donated in several local communities, reaching a population of 4,000.


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Book published by Matt Nicholls to raise funds for Anidaso's next health mission trip to Ghana in 2015


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Easter 2013- SVG in partnership with the Ghana Aids Commission for a prevention and awareness Easter campaign 


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Health Missions

Read about our health missions in local hospitals and communities


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Drilling boreholes

For a community of fulani...


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Volunteers and Community





community libraries & oral tradition


Kwahu South District, August 2013 - 'storytelling is a vital constituent of traditional culture; traditional stories often leave a lasting impression on the minds of children. As a result, stories transmitted by oral tradition serve an important purpose in preserving the traditions and customs enshrined in them while making those traditions come alive again' -Komasi, Mabel.


 The preservation of cultural heritage through storytelling is essential for the preservation of a given community’s constitutive characteristics. An example of this rich tradition is the character of Anansie, a spider, a 'trickster';  Ananse stories are the most widely known and most thoroughly appreciated genre of storytelling in West-Africa.


This summer, SVG volunteers gathered Anansie books and slides and joined 'mobile libraries', organising story telling sessions in villages, schools, and community libraries around the Kwahu Districts.

An Anansie story would be told, and then kids would ask and be asked questions in regars to the story. 




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An approximate number of 500 children were reached during the first month.

At SVG we appreciate story-telling as a traditional pedagogical instrument with various educational, psychological, socio-cultural and other benefits beyond its value as sheer entertainment.

The program aims to play a role against the decline -due to their neglect and preference for new forms of multimedia entertainment and the influx of American and European folktales-  of these rich forms of oral tradition.

These activities take place alongside our ongoing work at community libraries such as the Obo and Obomeng libraries, both in the Kwahu South District.

They are part of SVG's wider support for educational activities in the District, which also include the donation of educational materials -books and others -to 15 Primary Schools in the area.



The Obo Community Library now serves a community of nearly 3000





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